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Job Openings in Gammon Engineers and Contractors

Job Openings in Gammon Engineers and Contractors Private Limited

Gammon Engineers and Contractors is not only one of the largest civil engineering construction firms in India but it is also credited with building the most bridges in the country. Gammon has been taking on and completing the most difficult engineering and construction projects for nearly a century. It has an admirable record, solid experience, and demonstrated strength in adherence to delivery standards across its entire service range. Millions of people’s lives are improved and economies grow faster as a result of Gammon’s projects all over the world. Businesses can use its expertise to generate value even in the most difficult circumstances. All of these factors have contributed to Gammon’s rise to prominence as a household name in India.

Gammon has grown to be one of the world’s leading construction companies, having built everything from the Gateway of India to the first indigenously designed fast breeder reactor in India. By designing and building bridges, ports, thermal and nuclear power stations, dams, cross-country water, oil and gas pipelines, highways, chemical and fertilizer complexes, and environmental structures, the company makes tangible contributions to the nation as builder. It has done this by harnessing people and materials across a variety of projects and combining extensive engineering knowledge with ground-breaking skills. The skilled workforce of the company is aware that projects are essential to the nation’s ongoing expansion and success.

1. Planning Engineer

Location : Parbati HEP

Experience: 3-7 years Experience in hydro projects

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2. Contract Engineer

Location :Parbati HEP

Experience: 3-5 years of experience in hydro projects

3. Structure Engineer

Location: Ludhiana

Experience: 4-6 years

Clients of Gammon Engineers and Contractors Private Limited

Clients of Gammon Engineers and Contractors Private Limited
Clients of Gammon Engineers and Contractors Private Limited
Clients of Gammon Engineers and Contractors Private Limited

4. Girder Launching

Location: Varanasi

Experience: 4-7 years

Execution work at Launching Girder i.e., Segment lifting, glueing, stressing, grouting, Auto lunching & GSS erection work with complete all actives.

Span alignment & bearing grouting work.

Site management and coordination with clients and sub-contractors.

Construction supervision.

Billing of work.

Pre-Pour and Post-Pour documentation.

Arranging and distributing Manpower, Machinery, and Material priority wise.

5. Supervisor Civil

Project: Cantilever Bridge Project

Location: Bagchal

Experience 3-6 years

Experience in CLC / Bridge Works at site.

Job Openings in Gammon Engineers

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