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Quality Control Jobs Vacancies in MYK Arment Construction

Quality Control Jobs Vacancies in MYK Arment Construction Chemical Industry

MYK Arment Construction Chemical Industry

We at MYK Arment Create the Global Construction Chemical Industry’s Highest Standards of Excellence & Trust. The foundation of our company is built on the idea that the market demands much more than simply the goods or services provided. As a result, our goods & services are created to:

  • Increased material performance
  • improved dependability and longevity
  • Be economical and ideal.
  • Participate in efforts to maintain the environment.

By carefully collaborating with our clients to determine what they need most—whether it’s new product development, increased efficiency, or application expertise—we continuously try to raise the bar on the aforementioned criteria via innovation in our product & service offerings. We aim to ensure that every encounter is a step in our pursuit of excellence, working with the client to make this a reality.

Our service is supported by our solid partnerships with concrete manufacturers, building materials suppliers, specifiers, architects, and contractors that provide high-quality goods and sector-leading technical assistance.

Admixtures, grouts and anchors, repair mortars, bonding agents, adhesives, flooring coatings, curing and sealing compounds, dry shake hardeners, joint fillers, sealants, densifiers, waterproofing, repair, and other goods are all included in our product line.


Quality Control Jobs Vacancies


Research and Technology

Position: Assistant Manager Experience: 6-12yrs Location: Hyderabad

Position: Executive Experience: 1-4yrs Location: Hyderabad

Position: Assistant Manager Experience: 6-12yrs Location: Hyderabad, Kolkata

Position: Executive Experience: 1-4yrs Location: Hyderabad, Kaharani

Position: Lab Technician Experience:  1-4yrs Location: Hyderabad, Kaharani

Quality Control Jobs Vacancies in MYK Arment Construction

Job responsibilities:

• Identifies project needs, set up, plan, execute, analyse, interpret results, and report experiments outside own unit.

• Identifies new product/process optimization, technical solutions, and innovation.

• Keeps current on uses and improves relevant research methods in the field, ensuring retention of knowledge through research reports.

•Delivering project results on time, ensuring quality and feasibility, according to business needs.


We are looking for Candidates with good exposure in R&D and Quality processes from the Construction Chemicals industry.

Send your CV to:

for more info visit

Waterproofing systems | Flooring & Coatings | Repair & Restoration | Grouts & Anchors | Building & Joint Sealants | Admixtures & Surface Treatments

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