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Responsibilities of Quantity Surveyor

Responsibilities of Quantity Surveyor

A Quantity Surveyor (QS) is a professional working within the Construction Industry concerned with construction costs and contracts. A Quantity Surveyor can identify and collate the costs involved in order to develop an overall budget for any project. They can then undertake cost planning which aims to help all members of the design team arrive at practical solutions and stay within the project budget. It is the final detailed estimate prepared by the Quantity Surveyors, in consultation with a project architect, which forms a basis on which subsequent tenders can be evaluated. Schedules of quantities translate the drawing, plans and specifications produced by the design team to enable each contractor to calculate tender prices fairly, on exactly the same basis as the competitors. Once tenders have been accepted, the Quantity Surveyor can provide cash flow data to enable a client to programme his resources adequately to meet contract commitments. In other words, the Quantity Surveyor decides how much of a job should be paid for at any one time. With interest rates the way they are, no one wants to hand over money before it is due.

Responsibilities of Professional Quantity Surveyor

A Professional Quantity Surveyor (PQS) may perform the following functions:

· Prepare and evaluate construction and development tenders from information provided by architects, engineers and other design consultants and negotiate and award contracts to successful proponents;

· Manage, administer and co-ordinate all types of construction and development projects, including contracts and sub-contracts, construction progress schedules, cost control systems, and work measurements;

· Prepare, submit and manage progress invoices, valuation of changes and finalize contracts;

· Provide advice on construction cost and strategic planning to prospective owners, architects, engineers and public authorities;

· Prepare and interpret tender documents, specifications, general conditions, and other parts and forms of contracts;

· Prepare and submit estimates for construction and development work;

· Provide commercial advice and support to construction and development project works;

· Conduct or participate in arbitration and court hearings;

· Research, negotiate and support dispute resolution activities;

· Functions of a Construction Estimator Certified professional.

A Professional Quantity Surveyor has a detailed and comprehensive knowledge of construction and construction methods, as well as the laws relating to construction projects and accounting, in order to provide cost and financial advice.

A Professional Quantity Surveyor may specialize in mechanical or electrical disciplines, but all Professional Quantity Surveyors must have a working knowledge of the practical aspects and design features of both fields.

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