Step by Step Procedure of Apartment Construction in Detail

 Step by Step Procedure of Apartment Construction in Detail

  1. Decision of Land and Land acquisition/Destruction of older properties – The decision to construct a flat at a given area is solely based on demand and the overall development of the area.Real Estates is a game of demand and supply!
  2. Getting rights of the land – The Municipal Commission in the area plays its role and there are many laws pertaining to this.
  3. Plan and Sanction of Plan – The built up area and the plans are generated (Vastu is a very important part along with the National Building Codes along with Indian Standards)and they have to be sanctioned by the Municipal Engineer.
  4. Preliminary Survey/Soil Testing – Measurement of Angle of Shearing Resistance and in turn decision of depth of foundation is done from laboratory tests(Direct Shear Test most commonly and also Triaxial Shear Test in case of water table near the foundation).
  5. Passing of Soil tests from Municipal boy and commencement of construction -The commencement of construction is marked by setting out gridlines at the site by a surveyor with the help of coordinate control points.This is very important so as to mimic the plan drawing at the plan. The footing locations are also marked with lime powder.
  6. Excavation-Footings locations are excavated till the required depth of the foundation and the bottom bars of the footing are set in place after the formwork has been set.
  7. Arrangement of footing reinforcement-The footing reinforcement is placed and the column reinforcement starting from within the footing is also arranged and after that concrete is poured and vibrated.
  8. Column casting – After the footings has initial set (after a period of a day) the column formwork is put in place starting from the column starter and the column is pored with concrete till the level of the ground beams.
  9. Ground/Tie Beams – After a period of a day the column is stripped of the form-work and form-work is also removed from the footing and the ground is back filled till the level of the ground beams.
  10. The ground beam reinforcements re arranged and in the same way casting is done and vibrated.
  11. Damp proof Course- after the ground beam has been cast damp proof courses are provided(Bituminous) and then the ground slab is put in place consisting of rubbles and then the ground slab is cast after the reinforcement has been place.
  12. The columns are constructed till the first floor level and the staircase reinforcement are placed and the stairs constructed till the first floor
  13. The Primary and the Secondary beams are then put into place along with the slab reinforcements as in monolithic construction.
  14. The stairs reinforcements for the second floor are then arranged and concreting is done.
  15. The sequence of construction is this till the last floor.
  16. Meanwhile brick masonry for the walls are done along with placing of lintel beams and door and window frames are put in place.
  17. after the roof slab has been constructed screed concreting is done so that rainwater doesn’t cause efflorescence as the process of screed concreting (1:450)is essentially sloping so that the roof water flows in desired direction.
  18. Plastering and painting marks the end of construction.
  19. Beginning of selling phase – apartments are generally sold in amount/sq ft .
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