Apartment Layout Detail

Apartment Layout Detail

Layout refers to the configuration of departments, work centers, with particular emphasis on movement of work (customers or materials) through the system.


Layout decisions are important for three basic reasons:

Require substantial investments of money and effort; involve long-term commitments, which makes mistakes difficult to overcome; and have a significant impact on the cost and efficiency of operations.


Factors affecting Layout

Location and building

Type of Industry

Plant Environment

Spatial Requirements

Repairs and Maintenance


Management Policy

Human Needs

Types of machinery and equipment


Basic Objective of Layout Design

The basic objective of layout design is to facilitate a smooth flow of work, material, and information through the system. Supporting objectives generally involve the following:


To facilitate attainment of product or service quality.

To use workers and space efficiently.

To avoid bottlenecks.

To minimize material handling costs.

To eliminate unnecessary movements of workers or materials.

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To minimize production time or customer service time.

To design for safety.

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