Benefits of Rammed Earth Wall and the Design Concepts

Rammed Earth Wall

Benefits of Rammed Earth Wall and the Design Concepts

Rammed Earth Wall are constructed by the compaction of subsoil can be placed in between the two diagonal panales.The process of construction to be followed in ancient like in great wall of china.In recently rammed earth wall are most popular for eco friendly with sustained building materials like bamboo,wood,recycled plastic,timber saw etc.The construction of method builds on all over the world to flexable.The main aim of construction for limited to labour and formwork cost.

Application of Rammed Earth Wall

The following some most important application can be done described below:

1.To regulated the moisture content of the environment.

2.Thermal controlled

3.Sutable for both load and non load-bearing construction.

4.The material are noncombustible and fire resistance if 300mm wall can capable upto the at least 90 minutes.

Cost of Construction

The approximate cost of construction of the per cubic meter around 80 USD based upon the labour and material can be used.

Design of Retaining walls against overturning and sliding forces


The standard feature to stand along and no need to finished both interior and exterior wall.

The maximum compressive strength upto 4.3 MPa (620 psi).

While cool in summer and warm in winter.

Earthquake Resistance and economically user friendly to buid up.

The material are available easily and cheap.

Basically soundproofing leads to thickness and density of wall.

Process of Construction

Built-up at very cheap and well understand the eco-friendly material


2.Mixture preparation

3.Insertion of mix on formwork


Emission of carbon dioxide of different materials

Emission of carbon dioxide of different materials

Some structure Rammed Earth Wall

Here some structure of build up using the method

1.House in New Zealand

2. Mangar Hotel in India

3. Sankofa house in Ghana

4. Grand Beach washrooms, Manitoba, Canada

5. Palace in France, Dauphine

In worldwide construction of these methods gain properly in the Germany,Spain,Brazile,Egypt,United kingdowm,India and Algeria and so many African countries.

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