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Bureau of Indian Standards Codes Ebooks for Civil Construction Work

Here we collected all collections of civil engineering Bureau of Indian Standards Code Ebook for all construction activities it’s a very effective collection to buy to share here. All civil engineers can refer to the books for all construction project works.

Bureau of Indian Standards Codes Ebooks

Some Important IS Code books for Construction Works

IS 8112 Specification for 43 grade OPC

IS 456 Code of practice for plain and reinforced concrete

IS 4082 Specification for storage of construction materials

IS 1489 Specifications for PPC

IS 9103 Specifications for Concrete Admixtures

IS 2502 Code for bending and fixing of bar reinforcement

IS 1199 Concrete Slump Test

IS 2185 Specification for AAC Block works

IS 2212 Code of Practice of Masonry work

IS 4990 Ply Boards for Shuttering Works

IS 1786 Reinforcement Steel

A list of some major topics covered in the Bureau of Indian Standards Code can be shown below

  • cement and concrete  
  • sanitary appliances and water fittings  
  • building limes and gypsum products  
  • flooring, wall finishing and roofing  
  • stones  
  • structural engineering and structural sections  
  • timber and timber stores  
  • doors, windows and shutter  
  • functional requirements in buildings  
  • building construction practices  
  • builders’ hardware  
  • wood and other lignocellulosic products  
  • fire fighting  
  • public health engineering  
  • construction management (including safety in construction)
  • clay and stabilised products for construction  
  • furniture  
  • fire safety  
  • structural safety  
  • special structures  
  • earthquake engineering  
  • water-proofing and damp-proofing  
  • soil and foundation engineering  
  • methods of measurement of civil works
  • national building code  
  • ports, harbours and offshore installations  
  • rock mechanics  
  • plastic piping systems  
  • planning, housing and prefabricated construction  
  • cement matrix products  
  • concrete reinforcement  
  • sieves, sieving and other sizing methods  
  • hill area development engineering  
  • cyclone-resistant structures  
  • sustainability in building construction 

Indian Standard codes are used to refer design of construction and analysis of civil engineering structures like dams,road,building,railway,airport etc.

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