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Indian Standards Relevant to Different Types of Personal Protection Equipment

Indian Standards Relevant to Different Types of Personal Protection Equipment

Indian Standards Relevant to Different Types of Personal Protection Equipment

a. Head Protection

i) Non-metal Helmet for Firemen and Civil Defence Personnel (Second revision); reaffirmed(1996), IS:2745-1983
ii) Industrial Safety Helmets (Second revision); reaffirmed (1995), IS:2925-1984
iii) Protective Helmets for Motor Cycle Riders (Third revision); reaffirmed(1998), IS:4151-1993

b. Eye Protection

i) Equipment of Eye and Face Protection during Welding (First revision);reaffirmed (1991), IS:1179-1967
ii) Safety Glass (Second revision), IS:2553-1971
iii) Eye Protector (First revision); reaffirmed (1991), IS:5983-1980
iv) Methods of Tests for Eye Protectors:Part 1 – Non-optical Test (First revision); reaffirmed (1991),IS:7524-1980 Part 2 – Optical Test (First revision); reaffirmed (1991), IS:7524-1980
v) Guide for Selection of Industrial Safety Equipment for Eye, Face and Ear Protection; reaffirmed (1996), IS:8520-197
vi) Industrial Safety Face-shields: Part 1 with Plastic Visor; reaffirmed (1991), IS:8521-1977
Part 2 with Wire-mesh Visor, IS:8521-1994
vii) Code of Practice for Maintenance and Care of Industrial Safety Equipment for Eyes and Face Protection; reaffirmed (1991), IS:8940-1978

c. Hand and Arm Protection

i) Leather Gauntlet and Mittens (Second revision); reaffirmed (1997),IS:2573-1986
ii) Rubber Gloves for Electrical Purposes (First revision), IS:4770-1991
iii) Industrial Safety Gloves: Part 1, Leather and Cotton Gloves; reaffirmed (1991), IS:6994-1973
iv) Guide for Selection of Industrial Safety Equipment for Protection of Arms and Hands; reaffirmed (1991), IS:8807-1978
v) Gloves and Mitts of Insulating Material for Live Working, IS:13774-1993

d. Foot and Leg Protection

i) Ankle Boots for General Purpose (Third revision); reaffirmed (1998),IS:583-1994
ii) Leather Safety Shoes and Boots:Part 1 for Miners, IS:1989-1986 Part 2 for Heavy Metal Industries (Fourth revision); reaffirmed (1992).
iii) Glossary of Footwear Terms (First revision); reaffirmed (1997), IS:2050-1991
iv) Protective Gaiters; reaffirmed (1983), IS:2472-1969
v) Safety Rubber Canvass Boots for Miners (Fourth revision), IS:3976-1995
vi) Fireman’s Leather Boots, IS:4128-1980
vii) Testing of Rubber Gloves/Boots for Electrical Purposes, IS:4770-1968
viii) Cotton Laces for Footwear, IS:4778-1982
ix) Industrial and Safety Rubber Knee Boots, IS:5557-1969
x) Moulded Solid Rubber Soles and Heels, IS:5676-1970
xi) Protective Steel Toe-caps for Footwear (Third revision), IS:5852-1996
xii) Code of Practice for Selection, Care and Repair of Safety Footwear;reaffirmed (1997), IS:6519-1971
xiii) Footwear, Method of Test Part 1. Dimensions, Fittings Adhesion, Test, Peel Test, Heat Resistance
Test and Aging Test; reaffirmed (1991), IS:8085-1986
xiv) Protective Boots for Oilfield Workmen:
Part 1 – Leather Upper Boots; reaffirmed (1992), IS:9885-1981
Part 2 – Rubber Upper (First revision), IS:9885-1995
xv) Safety Footwear for Steel Plants; reaffirmed (1997), IS:10348-1982
xvi) Guide for Selection of Industrial Safety Equipment for Protection of Foot and Leg; reaffirmed (1998),IS:10667-1983
xvii) Leather Safety Shoes for Women Workers in Mines and Steel Plants; reaffirmed (1992), IS:11225-1985
xviii) Leather Safety Footwear having Direct Moulding Sole, IS:11226-1985
xix) PVC Boots, IS:12254-1988

e. Body Protection

i) Cotton Sewing Threads (Second revision) reaffirmed, (1991), IS:1720-1978
ii) Water Resistant Clothing:
Part 1 – PVC Coated Fabrics (First revision); reaffirmed (1994), IS:3322-1987
Part 2 – Polyurethane and Silicon Coated Fabrics, IS: 3322-1965
iii) Aprons, Rubberised, Acid and Alkalis Resistant (First revision);reaffirmed (1991), IS:4501-1981
iv) Double Texture Rubberised Waterproof Fabric (Fourth revision);reaffirmed (1994), IS:6110-1983
v) Protective Leather Clothing; reaffirmed (1990), IS:6153-1990
vi) X-ray Lead Rubber Protective Aprons; reaffirmed (1990), IS:7352-1974
vii) Guide for Selection of Industrial Safety Equipment for Body

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