Civil Engineering Ebooks

Collection Architectural and Civil Engineering

Collection Architectural and Civil Engineering


  1. Architect_Drawings_World_Famous_Architects
  2. Architect_s_Pocket_Book_of_Kitchen_Design
  3. Architect’s Data
  4. Architect Legal Handbook
  5. Architects’ Handbook
  6. Architecture Technology and Process
  7. Basic Structures for Engineers and Architects
  8. Building Adaptation
  9. Graphic thinking for Architects & Designers
  10. Interior Design Handbook of Professional Practice
  11. Structure and Architecture
  12. The Architect’s Portable Handbook
  13. The Professional Practice of Architectural Working Drawings
  14. Time Saver Standards For Interior Design
  15. A Teaching Guide For Structural Steel Connections-AISC
  16. Adapting Building & Cities for Climate Change
  17. AISC 1990, Manual of Steel Construction
  18. Aluminium Design and Construction
  19. Analyzing Uncertainty ÿn Civil Engineering
  20. Arnold Verruijt – Soil Mechanics Handbook
  21. Asce 7-05 – Minimum Design Loads For Buildings And Other Structures
  22. BS 5950 Pt1 2000 Steelwork Design
  23. BS 5950 Pt2 2001 Steelwork Specification
  24. Bridge Engineering Construction and Maintenance
  25. Bridge Engineering HandBook
  26. Bridge Engineering Seismic Design
  27. Bridge Engineering Substructure Design
  28. Building Construction Handbook
  29. Building Structures
  30. Building Systems for Interior Designers
  31. Builing Design and Construction Handbook
  32. Carpenters and Builders Layout
  33. Civil Engineering Formulas
  34. Civil Engineering Handbook
  35. Design of Masonry Structures
  36. Durability Of Concrete Structures Investigation Repair Protection
  37. FPA – The Design Guide for the Fire Protection of Buildings 2000
  38. Fire Safe Design to Multi-Story Steel Frame Buildings
  39. Fundamentals Of Engineering Supplied-Reference Handbook
  40. Introduction to Natural & Man Made Disasters And Their Effects On Buildings
  41. Materials For Engineering
  42. Repair, Protection and Waterproofing of Concrete Structures
  43. Residential Open Building
  44. Roofing Handbook
  45. Specification for Structural Steel Buildings – An American National Standard
  46. Standard Structural Details Manual
  47. Steel Designer’s Manual
  48. Structural Engineering Handbook
  49. Structural Steel Designer’s Handbook
  50. HandBook of Structural Steel Work


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