Calculation of Brick Work Quantity

Calculation of Brick Work Quantity

Here Calculation of Brick Work Quantity detailed explanation given below:

After knowing the 1 meter cube volume we can calculate the remaining quality very easily by just multiply 1 meter cube result of the desired volume.

1.The width of the wall which going to be built.

2.Number of the opening in the wall like (Door,Windows,etc)

3.Size or which type of the brick going to use

Let’s take an example to understand well


Suppose we have to construct the wall having a volume of 1 meter cube,the size a brick is going to use is 190 mm x 90 mm and mortar is 8 mm thick with a ratio of 1:4. So

1.Calculate the number of bricks?

2.Quantity of cement?

3.Quantity of sand?


Given data:

This calculation can take place into 2 steps.

1.Brick Calculation

2.Mortar Calculation


Volume of 1 brick

= 0.19 m x 0.09 m x 0.09 m

= 0.001539 meter cube

Volume of 1 brick with mortar

= 0.198 m x 0.098 m x 0.098 m

= 0.0019 meter cube

No of brick in 1 cum

= volume / volume of bricks with mortar

= 1/0.0019

= 526 bricks

Step 2: Mortar Calculation

Volume covered by 526 bricks in 1 cum volume

= (Bricks number x volume of 1 brick)

= 526 x 0.001539

= 0.81 meter cube

Mortar Volume

= (Total volume – volume of bricks)

= 1 – 0.81

= 0.19 meter cube(Wet Volume)

Dry Volume

= 0.19 x 1.33

= 0.2527 meter cube(dry volume)

Note: 1.33 is a constant


= (dry volume x Ratio x Density of cement in 1 cum)/Sum of Ratio

= (0.2527 x 1 x 1440)/5

= 72.77 kg / 50 <1 bag = 50 kg>

= 1.5 bags


= (dry volume x ratio x 35.3147)/Sum of ratio(1 cum = 35.3147 cubic feet)

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= (0.2527 x 4 x 35.3147)/5

= 7.1 cubic feet


Bricks = 526

Cement = 1.5 bags

Sand = 7.1 cubic feet

Note:These ratios may change by changing the dimension of the mortar thickness or size of the bricks as well as the mortar ratios 1:4,1:6 etc.

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