Construction Material

  • Construction Materials and Terms

    Construction Materials and Terms

    Construction Materials and Terms Aggregate : Means all particles of sand, broken stone or gravel etc., used in making Concrete. Bulking : The increase in volume of sand or aggregate caused by the absorption of Water. Concrete : Concrete is…

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  • Voided Biaxial Slab

    Advantages of BubbleDeck Slab

    For the Contractor: Satisfy owners and tenants, while saving money. BubbleDeck Slab obtains its high quality through the production of prefabricated units.Tailor made slabs secures a smooth and simple erection.Light and less expensive lifting equipment.Easy and less heavy onsite work.Easy…

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  • Alternate for Fly ash

    Alternate for Fly ash

    Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBFS) The problems associated with the quality of fly ash do not exist in the case of Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag GGBFS, as the produce is necessarily the outcome of grinding to the required…

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  • Benefits of Interlocking Bricks

    Benefits of Interlocking Bricks

    Interlocking Bricks is the latest advancement in Wall Construction.These bricks are ‘locked’ against each other without the use of cement mortar, to form a structurally stable wall that reduces the cost and time of construction to almost half.where Sand is…

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  • Storage of Construction Materials

    Storage of Construction Materials

    Cement sections of be prevent deterioration the work site facilitate tissue building or shed which is dry, leak-proof and as moisture proof as possible. The building shall  have minimum number of windows and close  fitting doors which shall be kept closed as far as possible.Cement stored  in bags shall be stacked and shall be kept  free from the possibility of any  dampness or moisture coming  in contact with the  bags.  Cement bags …

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  • Types of Paints

    Types of Paints There are seven types of paints, used commonly are : i) Oil paints: These are the traditions type having a linseed oil medium. Finishes vary from flat to oil-gloss.   Oil paints dry by evaporation of the solvent and by oxidation,…

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  • Tests for Bricks and Grading

    Tests for Bricks and Grading   A brick is subjected to following tests for suitability of the construction work. Absorption iii. Crushing strength or compression strength Hardness Presence soluble salts Shape and size vii. Soundness viii. Structure 1) Absorption: A…

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