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  • Reason concrete cube samples 150mm

    Reason concrete cube samples 150mm and Procedure

    In concrete compression test,  normally 150mmx150mmx150mm concrete cube samples is used for testing.Why isn’t  100mmx100mmx100mm  concrete cube samples used in the test instead of 150mmx150mmx150mm concrete cube samples? Basically,the force supplied by…

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  • Precast Concrete Stairs Construction

    Precast Concrete Stairs Construction

    Those  intending  to  have  long  lasting  and  tempting  staircases may opt for precast concrete spiral stairs. Precast Stairs can be…

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  • Use and Advantages Precast Concrete

    Precautions  of Precast Precast  concrete  is  simply  concrete  that  is  cast somewhere  other  than  where  it  will  be  used. Most…

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  • Factors Affecting Selection of Piles

    Factors Affecting Selection of Piles

    Factors Affecting Selection of Piles • They are used for large structures, and in situations where the soil under is…

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  • Dampness And Prevention

    Effects of Dampness And Prevention

    The various effects caused due to dampness in buildings mainly results  in  poor  functional  performance,  ugly  appearance  and structural weakness…

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  • Soil Nailing

    Soil Nailing Technique

    Soil nailing is a technique used to reinforce and strengthen existing ground.Soil nailing consists of installing closely spaced bars into…

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  • Dampness

    Causes of Dampness

    Dampness presence of moisture in building. Dampness may be caused by: (a) Ground water (b) Rain water and (c) Leakages…

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