1. Carry out slump test at regular intervals to ensure proper workability.
  2. While concreting cubes must be taken to as per IS: 456 โ€“ 2000 to ensure the quality and strength of concrete by testing at 7, 21, and 28 days.
  3. Make adequate number of cover blocks & chairs as per the required clear cover of various members. Cover Blocks must be placed at minimum of 1m c/c
  4. Get reinforcement physical test certificate from supplier/manufacturer.
  5. Ensure that binding wires are adequately used for tying up of reinforcements.
  6. Check spacing/length of hooks and overlaps. Laps shall be staggered.
  7. Check vertical & horizontal alignment & strength of centering and shuttering.
  8. Ensure that thickness/width of section is adequate for inserting vibrator; else inform the design office for possible revision.
  9. Ensure proper curing for required number of days. Use curing compound, if member is not easily accessible.
  10. Check that expansion/construction joints are properly made & at correct location as per the drawings.
  11. Make proper access/ walking arrangement over slab for proper inspection & to avoid any damage to reinforcements.
  12. De-bonding compound to shuttering materials.
  13. Depth and width of all beams must be checked.
  14. Dimensions, diagonal, plumb and supporting of lift pit should be checked properly.
  15. All beam sides should be absolutely in line and plumb.
  16. Over all cleaning should be done before concreting.
  17. Walk-way Planks to be used while casting the slab.
  18. Slab concreting should be done in strips (Bays) to avoid cold joints. Concrete should be placed within 30 minutes for next strip otherwise keep the joint alive by putting one/two pans of concrete at joint and vibrate it.
  19. Spare Vibrator and needless must be kept ready at the place of concreting.
  20. Concrete should be poured from more than 1 m height to avoid segregation
  1. Reinforcement should be placed as per specified spacing and diameter

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