Checklist for Plastering


A plasterer is a plumber who works with plastsorter plast typer, such as forming a layer of plaster on an interior wall or plaster decorative moldings on ceilings or walls. The process of creating plasterwork, called plastering, has recently been used in building building structure development for hundreds of years for years and years Plaster is a building material used for the protective and/or ornamental attractive coating of walls and ceilings as well as for and then for moulding and casting decorative elements. In English “plaster” usually means a material used for the interiors of structures properties complexes, while “render” commonly recognizes pinpoints determines external applications.


List of point to be followed on Plastering in Construction Works given below:


1 Check Drg./ Number/ Date & Revision for all other service like electrical, plumbing etc.,

2 Safety access platform

3 Check for hacking/ Button marking / Mortar thickness

4 Provision of chicken mesh for conduits, column brick work joints & other

5 Preparation of Surface – Remove moss/ efflorescence & Dampen Surface

6 Material stacked – Cement, sand at various locations

7 Prewetting of surface

8 Quality of Sand – screening silt

9 Check the Beam, B/W joints packing with Nito Bond AR

10 check for Door Frame Projections



1 Platform for mortar mixing on tray

2 Check for thickness/ level & line & right angle

3 Proportion of mix

4 Addition of water proofing compound

5 Proper roughing of first coat

6 Check for collection of mortar spills

7 Cleaning of dead mortar

8 Check for waviness

9 Check for grooves/ drip moulds

10 Application of cement slurry on concrete surface/Space for tile area, cutting for skirting area

11 Check for loft thickness and top surface in dead level W/Robe size



1 Curing water distribution for various locations

2 Check for hollowness

3 Check for cracks

4 Check of plastering date for curing

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