Civil Engineer WhatsApp status

 Most of them will prove to be cool WhatsApp status!

Here are some of them :-

1. Where Engineering Meets Art!

2. We Make, We Rule!

3. Hard as Concrete, Flexible as Steel!

4. You Dreamt it We Built it!

5. Everyday is an Adventure when u are a Civil Engineer!

6. Please Stand Back while I Work my Magic!

7. All Men are created Equal, Some just Evolve to become Civil Engineer!

8. The Best Creator After God!

9. Building the World!

10. Life’s Great – When u are a Civil Engineer!

11. We are not just Perfect! We are Civil Engineers too!

12. Live like Legend! Live like Civil Engineer!

13. Challenges – We Love Them!

14. Build ur Dreams with Us!

15. God created Earth But We Civilized it!

16. We Make Home Happens!

17. Where there is Civil there is a Way!

18. Engineering is Rarely Civil!

19. We convert Dreams into Reality!

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20. We’ve got the Biggest Erections & Deepest Boreholes!

21. 1:4:3 – My Love Proportions!

22. Strength & Hardness are part of Life!

23. Concrete Thoughts!

24. Where Expectations meet Reality!

25. Civil is in my DNA!

Finally to end with…..

We Made the past, Working on the present, Planning for the future!