Concrete Trial Mix 

Concrete  Trial  Mix 

The calculated mix proportions shall be checked by means of trial batches.

Trial Mix No. 1
Workability of the Trial Mix No. 1 shall be measured. The mix shall be carefully observed for freedom
from segregation and bleeding and its finishing properties. If the measured workability of Trial Mix No. 1
is different from the stipulated value, the water and/or admixture content shall be adjusted suitably.

Trial Mix No. 2
With this adjustment in Trial Mix No. 1, the mix proportion shall be recalculated keeping the free water-
cement ratio at the pre-selected value.

Trial Mix No. 3 & 4
Trial Mixes No. 3 & 4 shall be made with the water content same as Trial Mix No. 2 and varying the free
water-cement ratio by +/-10% of the preselected value.

Mix No. 2 to 4 normally provides sufficient information, including the relationship between compressive
strength and water-cement ratio, from which the mix proportions for field trials may be arrived at.