Construction Activities House Construction

construction activities

Construction Activities

List of construction activities in construction industries listed out below:

House Construction Tips

  • Site cleaning
  • Bore well digging
  • Bore
  • Bore Well vendors
  • Temporary Shed construction
  • Site Marking
  • Sump construction
  • Soil digging for sump
  • Sump Construction
  • Foundation digging
  • Soil digging for Pillars
  • Soil digging for foundation [OR] Paya
  • Start carpenter work — for window frames and door frames
  • Footing [OR] Pillar base
  • Pillars until Plinths
  • Stone Foundation [OR] paya
  • Plinth beam
  • Fill soil inside Plinth area.
  • Filling  40 MM Jelly on top of
  • Soil — this will be done inside plinth area
  • Setting up main door frame and other room door frames
  • Wall construction until window frame base (Approximately around 3 feet)
  • Setup all window frames based on its sizes until 7 feet from the flooring
  • Setup lintel and saja
  • Wall construction until beams
  • Setup kitchen ventilators for exhaust fans OR bathroom ventilators if needed
  • Sheet centring for beams and also roof
  • Fix sheets based on water level
  • Apply plaster for the gaps between sheets
  • Apply oil for sheets
  • Bar bending work for beams and roof
  • Inverter beams
  • Electric pipes setup inside roof
  • Molding
  • Storing water on top of the roof
  • After 18 days remove sheet centring
  • Hocking for the roof
Construction Activities of the building
  • Electric pipes
  • Clear any blockage in the roof pipes
  • Laying electric pipes in the walls and setup electric boxes
  • Plumbing work for kitchen and bathroom
  • Setup water pipes and sewage pipes till outside of the wall
  • Setup Indian latrine if you are going with this option
  • Water proofing for bathrooms
  • Close all water and sewage pipes with temporary caps
  • Setup kitchen platform and sink
  • Tiles laying in bathroom and kitchen for walls
  • Plastering of roof and walls inside
  • Plastering of outside walls
  • Applying putty for window frames
  • Fixing window frames
  • Granite Lying
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  • Granite tiles Laying in bathroom if you are going with this option
  • Fixing bathroom fittings
  • Finishing outside plumbing work and tank
  • House Elevation
  • Painting
  • Electric work
  • Electrical wiring
  • Dummy plate fixing/ electrical holders
  • Electrical switches setup
  • Apply paint coating outside
  • Laying electric service wire from pole to meter board
  • Fixing meters in panel board.
  • Digging pit for power earth
  • Digging pit
  • Motor & connection to tank
  • Sewage lines to pit
  • Parking tiles

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Above all construction activities can be followed in construction all civil works.Anything missing kindly fill in comment box.Thank you.