Employer’s Requirement and Contractor Proposal Checklist

Contractor Proposal Checklist

Employer’s Requirement and Contractor Proposal Checklist

Contract Documentation

The contract documentation will include:

  • the employer’s requirements
  • the contractor’s proposal
  • the contract sum analysis
  • the article conditions, optional supplementary provisions and appendices set out in the form of contract.

The construction of the contract documents include in design,condtion for contract and the proposal with the specification of the drawing with agreement of the valued condtion.The following standard form of contracts include agreements are lease,insurance and financial etc.All the documents in take out in both soft and hard copies.

Basic types of the contract

Time and material contract

Labour contract

The employer’s requirements can be a brief statement of the client’s accommodation requirements, an outline design or a fully worked up design. The contractor’s proposals should be in sufficient detail to allow the client to judge between the tenders on design as well as price.

The required level of detail will vary from client to client and contract to contract but it is suggested that information on this checklist would be the minimum requirement.

Where little design work has been carried out before tenders and proposals are invited, a performance specification would be normally required.However, where a great deal of design work has taken place a prescriptive specification would be needed.Contractor can handle full project.

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General Information

  • Project title
  • Employer
  • Employer’s agent
  • List of drawings and other information accompanying documents
  • Location, including a narrative on the proposed use/user of the building.An indication of the employer’s business and overall objectives (to provide a feel for the eventual product)
  • Access to site
  • Site boundary defined
  • Form of contract
  • Permissible modification to standard form of contract
  • Details of appendices to the conditions of contract
  • Form of contract sum analysis

Building and Accommodation Outline

Outline description of the building

Accommodation schedule

  • schedule of net usable areas (including definition of occupancy)
  • schedule of occupancy numbers and duration of occupancy
  • circulation requirements

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