Structural Audit of Old Structures

Structural Audit of Old Structures

There are number of public buildings which have age of more than 30 years and whose strength might have reduced due to material deterioration.Based on the yearly tests of each public building to be carries out,the weaker buildings which are more than 30 years old be identified and the Assistant Executive Engineer level Officer of the department concerned should forward the list to the superior officer of the level.Thereafter,an inspection at the level of superintending Engineer/EE should be carried out for all such building and a thorough structural audit should be undertaken.

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The department concerned should consider entrusting the structural audit to be also carried out for thorough a suitable Approved Institution / agency and the details of which are suggested as under:

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Generally,the Structural Audit is carried out and the steps to be followed in Structural Auditing are as under:

Step 1:

It is imperative that Architectural and Structural plans of the building are essential.It will be helpful if detailed structural calculations including assumptions for the structural design are made available.

Step 2:

If the Architectural plans and Structural plans are not available, the same can be prepared based on the site observations.

Step 3:

Inspection of the Building โ€“ A detailed inspection of the building can reveal the following:

  1. Any settlement in the building.
  2. Cracks in columns,beams and slabs.
  3. Concrete disintegration and exposed steel reinforcements photographs can be helpful.
  4. Slight tapping using hammer can reveal deterioration in concrete and wooden beams.
  5. Corrosion in reinforcement.
  6. Status of Balconies โ€“ sagging,deflection,cracks.
  7. Status of Architectural features.
  8. Cracks in walls indicating swelling in R.C.C members or defection of corrosion.
  9. Leakages from terrace & Toilet blocks.
  10. Leakages & damness in walls resulting into cracks and corrosion.
  11. Status of repairs & last repaired date.
  12. What portion of the structure was repaired?
  13. Who was the Agency?
  14. How much was spent for repairs?
  15. Are approved Building plans available?

Step 4:

Preparation of Audit Report:

On the basis of inspection on building, an Audit Report is prepared.

Step 5:

Tests Recommended:

It is important that various tests are carried out in the old buildings.This will give an idea about the extent of corrosion, distress and loss of strength in concrete & steel.

Step 6:

Highlight the critical areas and how to go for repairs.

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