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Things to consider for Concrete Mix Design and Testing of concrete

Good quality concrete beginning with the quality materials, designs profitable is actually a byproduct of selection of the best good practices in quality construction and materials.

10 things to consider for Concrete Mix Design and Testing of concrete

The following are 10 things to consider for Concrete Mix Design and Testing of concrete.

1. Standards of ACI and others only serves as a guide, initial designs must be confirmed by laboratory testing and testing of the plant, design adjustments should be made for batches. The initial design “on paper” is never the final design.

2. Always perform batches using the materials for actual use.

3. Perform 2 or 3 design variations for each design goal.

4. Always consider the safety factor (1.125, 1.2, 1.25, 1.3 target strength X)

5. Before testing of the plant, always confirm the source of material to be the same as used in laboratory testing.

6. Check the calibration of concrete plant.

7. Perform complete testing of fresh concrete in the concrete plant, especially the air content and performance is very important in the processing plants for commercial lots.

8. control procedures on the ground right quality concrete prevent future problems.

9. Follow the recommended mix of the provider (of course Sika)

10. Check and verify the development of strength, most critical stage is the force 3 and 7 days.

Important note:

Technical knowledge is an advantage for the concrete plant personnel, even if you have a good concrete design, but no common procedures or wrong is practiced over time will lead to failure.

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