Checklist For Concreting Works Other Than Slab

Checklist For Concreting Works Other Than Slab

FORM/FORMAT Checklist no.
Title: Checklist For Concreting Works Other Than Slab. Rev.1,dated_________

Building Location Date

SL.No Activity Acceptance Criteria Observation
1 Provision of Mechanical Needle Vibrators

60mm & 40mm, depending on Congestion of


Electric Vibrators – 2 Nos &

Petrol – Vibrator – 1 No.

shall be available in working


2 Provision of Screed Vibrator ( For Vacuum

Dewatered Concrete works only )

1 no shall be available, as

per fabricated by our Mech.

Dept & Carpenters.

3 Position of Formwork As per RCC Drg.


Rev. No.:________

4 Clear Cover of Reinforcement Shall be 75mm, 55mm, /

40mm +5 mm, for Footing,

Stub Cols below ground &

Cols above Ground.

5 CA1,CA2 & Sand stock Available as per


6 Provision of Cement Quantity Min 200 bags available.
7 Supports of Formwork Shall be provided on a firm

base with a Rebar Pin,

inserted preferably in


8 Chipping of Top surface of Existing RCC


Laitance removed & coarse

aggregate top is exposed


Note :All dwg numbers , to be referred should be filled in , before the Checklist is referred to , at

location , for Acceptance Criteria , by the Senior Engineer/Sector Engineer .

FOREMAN: ——————————————–

JR.ENGR/SITE ENGINEER: __________________________________________

SENIOR/SECTOR ENGINEER: ____________________________________

NB: Checklist, to be completed in all respects and signed with date by all concerned, as designated above.


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