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Cost Calculator for House Construction

Cost Calculator for House Construction

         Cost Calculator for House Construction in Microsoft excel sheet helps you for new constructing house. while constructing a new house you can think about the cost of construction in your mind. Here approximate cost of construction details is shown in the excel sheet. The reason for why we know the cost of construction fund enough for construction, arrange the fund to start before construction, lacking fund of construction, the thing should take a loan of construction or not. And also check or compare the cost given by contractors and also can be compared.

Most of the contractors give so much cost of construction the new house so we check the cost before construction using the help of cost calculator for house construction. So the help our cost calculator excel sheet helps you approximate the cost of construction of a house to be taken. Here we share our self-experience analysis and data to understand the cost of construction.

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The approximate cost of construction is about 2000 to 2500rs for pre-square feet

Based on requirement cost can be varied

Budget quality construction 1500rs per sq.ft

Medium quality construction 2000rs per sq.ft

Luxurious quality construction 3000 to 4000 per sq.ft

If your plot area 1000sq.ft want construction in budget quality mean the rate of construction will be around 1500rs per sq.ft

Cost of construction = Area * rate per sq.ft

= 1000* 1500 = 15,00,000 include all materials and labor cost for construction.

If someone wants to know the cost of contraction use the excel sheet to check out the approximate cost of construction of the new house.In the excel sheet separate the quantity of calculation for construction materials, labour etc.

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