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Design of Circular Water Tank Excel Sheet

Design of Circular Water Tank Excel Sheet


Water is one of the important part of living the all living begins on the earth. Around 72% of the earth is covered as water.In worldwide almost water also be polluted by human begins. Water can be mostly used by both domestic and industrial purposes.The storage of water is very important role for store the water.The overhead tank plays an important role to store water to supply.The design of construction of reinforced tanks are the common design of circular water tank.Here we explain the design of a circular water tank by using the limit state method from the Indian Stannard Code IS 3370:2009.The design of the tank can store water and other liquid elements.The main objective of any design structure of water tank to provide safe of drinkable water for after long time of storage.And the other objectives are to maintain the pH level of water to prevent the growth of micro organism.Main aim of design of water to construct do not harm into water.Various forces acting on the water tank must understand as important factors that design of water tank.The guideline of the water tank by checking the design on IS Code.The design of water tank be economical and safe.To provide proper reinforcement in concrete and studying the IS codes.

Figure 1Design of circular water tank

Method of Analysis

Analysis of Shell Structure

Analysis of Roof Wall Joints

Analysis of the spherical bottom conical

Membrane Analysis

Design of Intze Tank

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Figure 2 domical top and base

Intze Tank

All kind of water tanks are build by accounding to the principle of Intze has brick shaft.The basement of water tank fixed with the ring anchor iron or steel for only on the vertical structure.

Various Structural Elements of Intze Tank

Top Spherical Dome

Top ring beam

Side wall

Bottom Spherical Dome

Bottom ring beam

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