Duties of Civil Engineer Working on Building Construction Site

As a Civil Engineer,you can work in site in these five broad categories

Execution– which means to bring out design to reality, you are given detailed drawings (controlled copy) by the Planning Department for the work you have to carry out.You study the drawings and discuss the resources required with Planning Department and Project Manager.

Quality EngineerQA/QC Engineer is responsible for maintaining the promised quality to the Client. The different quality parameters are decided at the time of contract and are documented in the Project Quality Plan.This has different proforma to be filled by Site Engineer at time of execution such as Pour Card,reinforcement check etc.

Safety Officer– For this post you require additional degree in Fire and Safety.You are responsible for safety of workmen hence you give safety instructions,pep talk,safety training to workmen time to time.You have authority to stop the work if safety measures are not put into place like welding without arrangement of Fire Extinguisher.You are required to take permission from Safety Officer before any work.

Planning Engineer– Planning Engineer takes care of resources at site.He acts as link between site and higher management of Company.All resources of manpower and material is approved by Planning In-charge and is responsible for making and following different Schedules.

Billing Officer– Billing officer is involved in settling bills of Sub Contractor
and preparing bills for Client.Though this post can be given to non Civil Engineer also.

Apart from these there are also posts for Batching Plant Incharge, Formwork Incharge, Steel yard Incharge depending upon site.