Laying of concrete over a structure depend upon

You’re about to cast your first slab. Just imagine the feel. How happy your family would be. Now, in order to cast a slab, you need to acknowledge the fact that it depends on several factors like:


1. How many people are working on it (manpower) to bring your dream to reality?

2. What is their productivity? How much work can they do in an hour effectively?

3. Thickness of the slab. (For residential the thickness is less and for industrial thickness will be more). More the thickness, more the time required.

4. How you have planned to place the concrete (Through placer boom or manual or concrete pump or any other way)

5. Nature and workability of concrete. (If the concreting is done in the afternoon, it gets hard. So, it will be very difficult for the masons to level the surface thereby increasing the time)

6. Climatic conditions: If it is too sunny or rainy, it takes longer time.

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7. Source of concrete. : If the batching plant is too far from the work site, there is a possibility of the vehicle getting stuck in the traffic thereby leading to additional time.

8. How many boom placers/concrete pumps are used for this purpose. etc.

9. How much money are you willing to spend on it. etc

Hope you got some idea.