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Slump Cone Test Method and Procedure


THE SLUMP TEST  is done to make sure a concrete mix is workable. The measured slump must be within a set range, or tolerance, to check the workability of concrete.



  • Standard slump cone (100 mm top diameter x 200 mm bottom diameter x 300 mm high)
  • Small scoop
  • Bullet-nosed rod
  • (600 mm long x 16 mm diameter)
  • Rule
  • Slump plate (500 mm x 500 mm)


Recommended Values of Slump Tests for Various Purposes:

No.       Types of concrete         Slump

2          Concrete for tops of curbs, parapets, piers, slabs and wall      40 to 50 mm

3          Concrete for canal lining          70 to 80 mm

4          Normal RCC work         80 to 150 mm

5          Mass concrete  20 to 50 mm



1 Clean the cone. Dampen with water and place on the slump plate. The slump plate should be clean, firm, level and non-absorbent.

2 Collect a sample.

3 Stand firmly on the foot pieces and fill 1/3 the volume of the cone with the sample. Compact the concrete by ‘rodding’ 25 times.Rodding means to push a steel rod in and out of the concrete to compact it into the cylinder, or slump cone.Always rod in a definite pattern, working from outside into the middle.

4 Now fill to 2/3 and again rod 25 times, just into the top of the first layer.

5 Fill to overflowing, rodding again this time just into the top of the second layer. Top up the cone till it overflows.

6 Level off the surface with the steel rod using a rolling action. Clean any concrete from around

The base and top of the cone, push down on the handles and step off the foot pieces.

7 Carefully lift the cone straight up making sure not to move the sample.

8 Turn the cone upside down and place the rod across the up-turned cone.

9 Take several measurements and report the average distance to the top of the sample.

10 If the sample fails by being outside the tolerance (i.e. the slump is too high or too low), another must be taken. If this also fails the remainder of the batch should be rejected.



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