Duties of Safety Officer and Safety Supervisor

Safety Officer and Safety Supervisor

Safety Officer

1. Assist  his  proprietor/employer  in  the  implementation  of  the Safety  Policy  and  the  safety  and  health  requirements  as stipulated under the law and the works contract, such as the site safety  manual, the  site  safety  handbook,  and  other  safety  and health standards and instructions. uctions.

2. Assist in ensuring that all plant, machinery, equipment and tools are maintained in safe working order.  Ensure that the names of the  persons  designated  by  the  Contractor  for  the  operation  of particular  plant  and  equipment  are  recorded  in  a  register  and

check  that  the  plant  and  equipment  are  only  operated  by designated competent persons.

3. Assist  in  ensuring  that  all  fire  services  installations  and  fire escapes are maintained in good working order.

4. Assist  in  ensuring  the  safe  and  health  condition  and  good housekeeping in the workplace.

5. Conduct  safety  inspections  to  project  sites,  plants  and workshops, and prepare inspection reports.

6. Ensure the observance of the safety rules and safe practices by the staff, and assist in the supervision of safety supervisors.

7. Report to the site management any unsafe practices and unsafe conditions  in  the  workplace.  Prepare  and  submit  statutory reports to the proprietor/employer.

8. Carry  out  risk  assessment  and  prepare  safety  method statements, including control measures for high and medium risk activities as necessary.

9. Conduct accident investigation and prepare investigation reports; and recommend preventive measures to avoid recurrence.

10. Organise/conduct  safety  training  courses  and  seminars,  and prepare training records.

11. Arrange and organise safety promotion activities.  

12. Liaise with Labour Department’ s  Occupational Safety Officers and representatives of safety & health organisations.


13. Clearly identify himself on site by wearing an armband or a safety helmet appropriately marked in English.

Safety Supervisor

1. Assist  the  Safety  Officer  and  the  site  management  in implementing the safety and health requirements, standards and instructions.

2. Be familiar with the statutory regulations applicable to the work on  which  their  gang  is  engaged;  insist  that  the  regulations  are observed and followed, and all accidents reported immediately.

3. Keep  all  staff  informed  of  the  Safety  Policy  and  take  all reasonably practicable steps for carrying it out.

4. Incorporate  safety  instructions  in  routine  orders  and  see  that they are obeyed.

5. Take all reasonable steps to prevent workers from taking risks.

6. Assist the safety Officer in arranging new employees, particularly inexperienced  and  apprentices  or  new  recruits  to  receive  site specific  safety  induction  course  and  to  learn  to  take  safety precautions.  Conduct Tool Box Talks for workers.

7. Ensure that protective clothing and equipment are used whenever appropriate.

8. Discourage  “horseplay”  and  reprimand  those  who  fail  to consider their own safety and that of others.

9. Report to the immediate supervisor on any  defects and  ensure that any unsafe plant and equipment are not used.

10. Ensure that all plant and equipment are in a safe and secure state when left unattended.

11. Remind the  management  to  replenish  first  aid  boxes  at  regular intervals.

12. Report  to  the  management  and/or  Safety  Officer  on  matters relating to safety and health. 13.  Clearly identify himself on site by wearing an armband or a safety helmet appropriately marked English.

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