Requirement of Material and Labour for Civil Work

Requirement of Material and Labour for Civil Work

The  Work shall be carried out according to these Specifications whether specifically mentioned elsewhere or not. No extra in any form will be paid unless it is definitely stated as an item in the Bill of Quantities.

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Whenever the Specifications are not given or when the Specifications are ambiguous, the relevant Nepal Standards or Indian Standards and further amendments will be considered as final and binding.All Works shall be carried out simultaneously with electrical, plumbing, sanitary and other services and in co-operation with the Contractors of the above services. The Work shall be carried on till it is completed satisfactorily along with the completion  of other essential services.  The building Contractor shall keep the other Contractors informed of the proposed program of  Work,  well  in advance,  so that the building Work  is not  hindered.  The Contractor shall further cooperate with other Contractors in respect  of  any facility required by  them e.g. making holes  in  shuttering  for sanitary, pipes, electric conduits, fan hook etc. However, no extra payment shall be admissible for such reasonable assistance and  facilities afforded to other Contractors and the  building Contractors shall be deemed to  have taken these factors into consideration while  quoting  the rates.

The  Work shall be related  to the drawings which  the  Contractor is presumed to  have  studied.Nothing extra will  be paid for any  item because of its shape,  location  or other difficult circumstances,  even  if  the schedule makes no  distinction,  as  long as the item is shown in  the drawings.

The sources of materials stated in the Specifications are those from which materials are generally available. However, materials not conforming to Specifications shall be rejected even if they come from the stated sources. The Contractor should satisfy himself that sufficient quantity of materials of acceptable Specification is available form the stated or other sources.

The requirements of Specifications shall be fulfilled by the Contractor without extra charges i.e. the item rates quoted shall be deemed to have taken these Specifications into account.

These are requirements the Contractor shall fulfil after the issue of Letter of Acceptance but before the Date of Commencement required for construction purpose.

The Contractor shall make his own arrangement for all internal and external telephones and other communication means deemed necessary for the Works.The Contractor shall make his own arrangement for office equipment and other consumable for his use for the Works.

Safety Measures

The Contractor shall be responsible for safety  of all workmen and  other persons entering the Works and shall at his own expense; where not stated otherwise take all measures, subject to the Engineer’s approval, necessary to ensure their safety.Such measures  shall  include  but  not  be limited to:

  • Provision of safety and emergency regulations for fire, gas, and electric shock prevention, together with rescue operation plan.
  • Safe control of flowing water.
  • Provision and maintenance of suitable lighting to provide adequate illumination at place of work with appropriate spares and standby unit.
  • Provision and maintenance of safe, sound slings, pulleys, ropes, and other lifting devices
  • Provision of safe access to any part of the works.
  • Provision of notices in local dialect temporarily  or permanently during construction  at locations likely to be used by the public. Placement of such notices shall depend on the existence of the nature of work in the vicinity. These notices shall be in addition to any other statutory requirements demanded of the Contractor.